How well do you know yourself?

Juggling to crunch in numbers to prepare a costing proposal while my manager Debbie took a day off to enjoy time with her family; her boss Craig walked into my office. As always, he pulled one of the vacant chairs from a cube behind me and made himself comfortable by placing and crossing both his legs on the empty desk next to me. “Do you have everything you need to prepare the quote this morning?” he said, huffing and reclining in the chair. For the next few seconds, I  continued to crunch numbers in the red, green and yellow color highlighted spreadsheet that I had been working on non-stop for hours. “I have most of the information, but there are a few questions that I can call Debbie to get answers on,” I replied to Craig in an optimistic tone. I tried really hard not to get him involved. My attempt to keep Craig from asking me questions was futile. Unwillingly, I discussed the concerns I had about some key elements that were needed to be plugged into the spreadsheet to get an accurate costing for this proposal. As always, he came up with an answer which contradicted my boss Debbie.  “I would like you to do it my way and not Debbie’s and finish the task,” he replied in a stern voice. “A CEO trumps over an engineering manager any day,” and he walked away.

As I was driving back from work, I ruminated over my conversation with Craig in the morning. It led me to question about titles and designations define us. Often, we take the titles we hold in the organizations we work for, as our true identity. I am a teacher, I am an engineer, I am an accountant, I am a mother, I am a husband and the list keeps morphing as we move through different phases of life. But what is the true “I am.”

To find your true identity — you need to create a connection with yourself, that is beyond a personal or professional title. Creating an understanding of who we are is possible when we rewire the brain: transform the thought processes that make us believe that our job or our relationship status is our true self. Build your unique strategy to create such transformation and find your true identity.

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Author: Kit Gupta

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