Break the Ordinary : Finding Success in Personal, Professional, and Social Life


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EVERYONE DESIRES TO BE EXTRAORDINARY. Many refer to it as a “Successful Life.” Our culture, race, religion, family, education, and life experiences play a crucial role in molding what we desire in our life. Independently, personal relationships, professional careers, and social domains govern most everyone’s life, and it is in these three domains that everyone strives to become better. In this engaging book, Kit Gupta walks readers through his journey of creating success in personal relationships, professional careers, and as a young entrepreneur. He focuses on the common factors that drive success. This true transformational story of going beyond success provides a grasp on understanding your thoughts, the role of money, and the life you’re living from a one-of-a-kind perspective. This book will help readers from all walks of life who yearn to create successful relationships and the professional life they desire by surpassing the ordinary.

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As a continuous effort to help transform the lives of individuals, institutions and corporations around the world, IE Sigma® was founded  in the interest of the public. The organization continues to work with individuals, institutions and corporations around the world to help create excellence. Educational institutions have taken the opportunity to help transform young students and adults striving for success in their professional and personal domains through iExcel Events-by-IE SIGMA®. Small and big corporations around the world have redefined how they would like their employees to succeed – by focusing on excellence instead of success.

Fort Worth Arts Center Event
Fort Worth Arts Center Event

iExcel Events by IE SIGMA® are held in cities around the world with a focus on transforming the lives of individuals, and helping them create excellence in their personal, professional and social domains. The primary focus of iExcel Events is to help individuals go beyond a motivation or inspiration seminar and build strategies to create excellence in their personal relationships, professional career, and social life. Audiences around the world have transformed how they live their lives without giving up their belief systems, by learning how to build the strategies to “Rewire The Brain, Think Beyond Profits and Live Here Now“. iExcel Events-by-IE SIGMA® shares practical strategies that help any individual, independent of their race, religion, nationality or any other labels which they could be born with or the society might have put on them. iExcel Events by IE SIGMA® are focused on the “how to” strategies rather than promoting a “can do” sales pitch heard in quintessential motivational and inspirational seminars.

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If you are questioning how to take your personal relationships, professional career or social life in a direction of excellence, iExcel Events by IE SIGMA® will help you find those answers. Attend an iExcel Events by IE SIGMA® in your city to build your strategies for excellence and transform your life.

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iExcel Dallas 2016 – A Life Transformation Event

IE Sigma® is organizing iExcel Dallas on February 27, 2016 at the Bank of America Theater, Eisemann Center in Richardson Texas to share strategies to create excellence in the lives of North Texans. The event focuses on “how to” create the success that we desire in our personal, professional and social lives.

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iExcel Events are a one-of-a-kind approach where not just the speaker but the audience is involved throughout the event. In real-time everyone is sharing and evaluating strategies from those who have failed or succeeded in any domain of their life. Whether it is achieving happiness in the relationship with your partner, family or yourself; iExcel events will transform how you look at achieving success.

Join hundreds of Texans at the Eisemann Center on February 27, 2016 to build your success strategies and take your relationships, career and your social life to the next level. Independent of what your belief is, whether you believe in science, technology, religion, spirituality or you live a life without any belief- iExcel events will transform how you create success in your life. To create excellence in life, there is no absolute. So, come build your strategy for success to transform your life in 2016.

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Wish you could be better?

In the summer of 2012 in New Delhi, the sun behind the smoggy clouds felt piercing through the window of the car straight onto my face causing it to burn. Sitting on the passenger side, I wished the window was tinted but because of the heightened rate of crimes in one of the most populated cities in the world, the law did not permit to have dark tinted windows anymore. Exhausted from just a short trip in the summer heat waiting for the stop light to turn green, I heard a tap on my side of the window. A young boy wearing an over-sized shirt placed a sun shade on my window blocking the sun from falling on my face. I felt the breeze coming from the air condition suddenly cooling me off. My dad pulled the window down from the driver side and I looked at the face of the child who hoped to make a deal. In a stern voice “How much,” my father asked. “Forty rupees for a set of two,” replied the boy. Even the boy knew his offer was high but he knew if a customer is interested, seldom do they walk away without making a counter offer. Sure enough he received a counter offer to sell a set of four for forty rupees. The boy looked away for a few seconds like he was doing the math to calculate where that would put him from his target goal. Very firmly, the boy replied, “If I accept your offer, I will have to give up my meal for two days,” and he walked away from the traffic as the light turned green.

There is an innate desire that every individual has, to do better in anything they do. Even a young boy on the streets of New Delhi who perhaps has no formal education in business or sales is not oblivious of what doing better means to him. Independent of his age there were certain goals, certain expectations that the boy wanted to meet and get a sense of gratification in the deal he makes. It has been over five years and I think of that event numerous times. I realized that an event that could be mundane in the lives of millions of other people was an exemplary stage performance for me to understand the meaning of being better or as I call it “Integrating Excellence.” As long as we are alive, we are constantly striving for excellence by setting and meeting goals in our relationships, our profession and the society. Every individual has a different way of executing their plan to become better. Each day in our personal relationships and our profession we make an effort to become better by setting goals for ourselves and we strive to achieve those goals. After all, life is all about continuous improvement and the creation of excellence.


IE SIGMA is a non-profit organization focused on transforming life by teaching how to “Rewire Your Brain, Think Beyond Profits and Live Here Now”.
Author Kit Gupta is the Director and Transformation Coach that is helping millions of people to learn the transformation techniques.

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