Are You Getting Consumed?

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For years, I always wanted to climb the corporate ladder and become “successful” in my profession. Getting the next title, receiving a bigger paycheck, was of the utmost importance to me. A few years into any job, if I would feel that there was no potential for growth in the organization, I would start disseminating my resume to potential employers and recruiters. Two words that I never eliminated from the summary on my resume were —“results-oriented.” In almost every job interview, I would always use the words “results-oriented” to define myself. At the time, I thought that it creates a strong impact on the potential interviewer. Little did I know, that my obsession with results in any domain of life could also easily consume me.

There is a paradigm shift in how we create and consume everything. From the food and drinks, to electronic gadgets, we have a myriad of options to choose from. Obsessions with achieving more, accumulating more, in every aspect of life leads to becoming relentless to have the power to purchase from the myriad of choices the market has to offer. In this fast-paced roller coaster of consumerism, everyone wants results, so everyone can consume more. The skin product companies want to create better results so you could look ten years younger and use more of their products. The beer companies want to make better-tasting-low- calorie beer so you can consume more beer and also not have remorse over that beer belly. The mobile phone manufacturing companies want to make products so you can do more from the phones and not have to physically go anywhere. And the list goes on.

When we desire to devour everything that the market has to offer, we strive to have the power to purchase it. This power comes from having money. We work harder, longer and want to get our boss the results he or she expects. Before we even know, we get consumed by the need to produce results, so we can continue to be liked by others at work, continue to have the job, continue to have a paycheck, which gives us the power to consume more. It’s a vicious circle.

The results that science and technology have created to improve our lives are phenomenal but they also bring some negative aspects along with them. And if we are not cautious about how much we consume, it could hurt us. Evaluate what is “value-adding” to your life and then decide to consume it. It’s one simple way to control the conditioning that the consumer driven market creates in our lives. Rewire your thinking and you could transform the effect the consumer market might have created on you.



Author: Kit Gupta

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